The Foundation

Innovate, Build, Support and Protect

We implement sustainable projects and solutions for inclusion and development.

The SOLYDES Foundation’s history reflects our commitment and perseverance in the search for effective solutions aligned with economic growth.

The SOLYDES Foundation has played a strategic role in developing mechanisms for economic and social change in our country. We were pioneers in the microfinance sector in Bolivia and Latin America. This enabled us to support productive business ventures and develop suppliers, seed capital and financing through alternative markets.

Today, we focus on achieving economic and social inclusion for people in a vulnerable situation, by supporting and investing in the design and implementation of projects that can really make an impact in the following sectors:

  • MSMEs and Microfinance
  • Health
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Research
  • Innovation
  • Culture

Our Story

Developing sustainable and responsible projects since 1986.


Creating better Opportunities.

We create sustainable mechanisms to provide opportunities for disadvantaged people to prosper through their own efforts, by implementing economic, social and cultural projects that are innovative and environmentally friendly.

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We focus on sustainable solutions to boost opportunities and combat inequality.

Sustainable Projects that Make an Impact

Our approach to project development and implementation.

  1. Create paradigms
  2. Experiment and validate
  3. Increase impact
  4. Institutionalize
  5. Roll out

Our Achievements

Working for a better future for our people.

  • Building and consolidating the microfinance sector in Bolivia.
  • Strengthening productive business ventures.
  • Developing innovative projects to meet today’s needs in health, energy, innovation, the environment, and education.
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