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This document is setting out the terms and conditions for the use of our website, establishes the conditions that govern your use of this website and social media provided by Fundación SOLYDES. Therefore, by using this website you are accepting these conditions and any changes that Fundación SOLYDES may make to them and publish on our website. The use of this website is governed by the conditions described below.


Fundación SOLYDES runs this website and its social media for information purposes. The website’s main function is to provide information and services, and to publish and promote all those activities that enable its objective to be achieved, including topics and activities concerning its mission and vision. In addition, by means of this website the organization publishes information on its own policies, plans, programs and projects, services, publications, recommended sites and general information related to the organization or the programs it carries out. It also includes the option to request information and contact the organization online, and offers interactive tools for the site’s users.

The website may include links to other sites of interest or to documents located on other websites owned by companies, individuals or organizations other than the Foundation. When a user accesses another website or an individual document located on another website by clicking on a link provided on our website, the user is bound by the conditions of use and the privacy policy of the website to which they are redirected by the link. The inclusion of a link to the website of another company, organization or program does not necessarily imply that there is any relationship between the Foundation and the owner of the website or page to which the link directs, and neither does it imply that the Foundation agrees with or approves of its content or services. Anyone wishing to establish a link must ensure that it only provides access to the website’s home page. Furthermore, the Foundation is not liable for any information found outside its own website or that is not managed directly by the website’s administrator. The purpose of the links that appear on our website is to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information additional or related to the content offered on our website.

The Foundation gives no assurances regarding the functioning or accessibility of the websites to which links are provided and is not liable for their functioning or accessibility. It does not suggest, invite or recommend visits to these sites, and therefore is not liable for the outcome of clicking on the links thereto. Accordingly, access to such sites through the Foundation’s website does not imply that the Foundation approves of or recommends their content. Users may download, copy and print information from the Foundation’s website for the purpose of interacting with the Foundation and for other purposes of a non-commercial nature, abiding by the conditions stipulated in materials expressly attributed to third parties, provided that the Foundation is cited as the source of the material concerned. Users may not trademark the materials on the Foundation’s website or duplicate them on other sites without the express authorization of the Foundation in writing. Users may not reproduce, modify, copy, sell, create byproducts, distribute, display in public or exploit for commercial purposes any material, information, content, code or data found on the Foundation’s website. Ownership of and responsibility for the content of the materials expressly attributed to third parties lies solely with those third parties, not the Foundation. The use of such third-party information shall be bound by the legal conditions established by the parties concerned. All trade names, trademarks, logos and domains that appear on the Foundation’s website are copyrighted by their respective owners and protected by the relevant intellectual property laws.

Disclaimer of liability

The use of this website shall be at the user’s sole risk and responsibility. The Foundation provides no warranty of any kind regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability or timeliness of any of the materials or information on the website. Under no circumstances shall the Foundation be held liable for any costs or damages arising directly, indirectly, incidentally or specifically as a consequence of the use of such materials or information or due to negligence, including costs or damages caused by communication line failure or computer failure related to the use of the website. Information connected to a particular date is offered exclusively in relation to that date, and the Foundation has no obligation to update the content on its website. The Foundation may add, modify, improve or update the website content without prior notice at any time and at its sole discretion, and reserves the right to restrict or suspend the website, likewise without prior notice.

As a condition for using the website, you agree to exempt the Foundation from liability for any action, claim, loss, damage, responsibility or cost (including reasonable legal fees) resulting from your use of the website. This includes, for example, claims alleging acts which, if proven, would constitute an infringement of these conditions by you. If a user is dissatisfied with any content on the website, or with any of the conditions for its use, the only legal remedy they will have the right to resort to is to cease to use the website. No part of the website or of the content included therein shall be interpreted, explicitly or implicitly, to contain any practical recommendation. The Foundation controls, operates and manages this website from its offices in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. The opinions of and conclusions reached by the authors and compilers who appear on the website do not necessarily reflect the opinions and conclusions of the Foundation itself. Unless otherwise indicated, the content that appears on the website is the property of the Foundation and subject to the laws of copyright, registered trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.

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